Hello, we are doing a PBL (Project Based Learning) and we are cleaning-up/re-building Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks was hit by two earthquakes and a tsunami that caused mudslides. Our goal is to make the city go green. We also need to make the city stronger so that if a tsunami or earthquake were to stike again, it won't cause as much damage or be expensive to fix. Our budget for clean-up is:

34,209 [Population with deceased subtracted] times 15 (the price per person that lives in Fairbanks) which equals $513,135, and our budget for the re-build is 34,209 times 50 which equals $1,710,450.

We are now done with our clean-up and now working on our re-building. More to be posted soon :)!

Fairbanks, Alaska

July 25th 2:30AM A 7.9 Earthquake strikes in the town of Cantwell Alaska, the earthquake lasted 50 seconds. The major earthquake struck 75 miles south of Fairbanks, cracking roads, crumbling support mechanisms for the trans-Alaska pipeline and triggering mudslides that rushed toward the city of Fairbanks.
2:33AM The shores of the pacific were unknowingly dropping creating a tsunami tidal wave that was rushing toward the banks of Alaska.

2:45AM the Tsunami wave finally hits the shores of Alaska and reaches 200 miles into the state, destroying roads, help stations and sewer lines.  The mudslides falling northeast off of Mt. McKinley are getting dangerously close to the village of Fairbanks.

3:00AM A second earthquake has jolted the state of Alaska, a 7.8 on the Richter scale. No patrol or extra service vehicles can get to the city of Fairbanks. Many buildings, outhouses and cabins have collapsed. The Alaskan pipeline has been unhinged and spilling oil on the nature preserves. A total of 172 people are trapped under debris and 331 are dead.

3:24AM The mudslides have finally reached the city but have been slowed. The damage that was already done by the earthquakes is now under 4 feet of mud. People are still fighting for their lives under the debris. The mudslide halted a mile before the Mitchell Expressway.