1.  Pipelines broken [earthquakes ripped through] CHEMICAL
2.  Alaskan pipeline has been unhinged and spilling oil on the nature preserves. [Earthquake]CHEMICAL
3.  A total of 172 people are trapped under debris and 331 are dead. [Natural disasters] BIOLOGICAL
4.  Ecosystems destroyed / levee breaks [natural disaster] STRUCTURAL/BIOLOGICAL
5.  All water contamination [tsunami and levee water] CHEMICAL



1.   Repair pipelines.

2.   Stop and remove oil.

3.   Locate all bodie and the injured.

4.   Relocate animals.

5.   Filter water and clean drinking water.

6.  Fix levees with wood from fallen buildings to repair help stations and other buildings.

7.   Fill holes with dirt from earthquake.

8.   Undig damaged houses.

9.   Relocate mud from mudslides

10. Repair electrical lines [underground]


1.      PRO: New non-lead pipes for we will be taking out old pipes and replacing with new eco friendly pipes [steel]          
         CON: Oil and gas spills EVERYWHERE because earthquake rips through pipes.

2.      PRO: Nothing is good about oil spilling on reserves and ecosystems.         
         CON: Stopping oil will affect heating of houses and cooking, relocating animals will cause disturbance in habitats and wild life, and pollution will cause a major NOT GREEN catastrophy in our town.

3.       PRO: Dead bodies can decompose qand create fertilizer for crops to regrow needed food and UP economy.
          CON: as with all bodies, stench can be a major problem, and not putting bodies into graves can lead to a state-wide revolt and heavy fines and court cases.

4.       PRO: New and improved [stronger] dams and buildings can result into a less yet not so damaged building when another disaster hits.
          CON: Clean-up and fixing dams while moving water back.

5.       PRO: Cleaner water.
          CON: Filtering water/ Shutting off all water in town. can take months and possibly can lead into a state-wide drought because their is no drinking water.

6.      PRO: Reuse/recycled wood prevents forest and trees from being cut down because we can create new building while using eco friendly techniques to make sturdy buildings.                                                                                                                     CON: cutting/shaveing/sanding wood can take long hour and most of the wood is damp from floods and snow.

7.       PRO: Removal of dirt and mud from roads, homes, ect., can take months at a time CON: Work to be paid and potential danger in job.

8.       PRO: Finding of people and peoples belongings through uncovering houses and bodies.  CON: Chance of mudslides and potential danger from cave ins [inside houses that are still buried] and mudslides.

9.       PRO: Removal of dirt and mud from roads, homes, ect., can take months at a time.  CON: Work to be paid and potential danger in job.

10.     PRO: Renewed power saving electrical lines and eco friendly power saving water energy.                                                                                                                        CON: Dig up power lines, chance of electrocution from cut wires and severed lines.

J Credit to Coda  J