Green Products

Fairbanks Park

Our park is a larger park for the simple fact that so it will produce more oxygen. The citizens and others will plant new trees and other plants to produce this oxygen. It is like a forrest but with a playground and fields of many sports. We are hoping that it will be extremely helpful to the environment and the community. Also hopefully we will get a chance for new ways and to be better for the state of alaska. 

ICF Blocks

- -

Use foam based blocks in the construction of houses to make the structure sound, and insulated. The website als oprovides the following.  

·         Every ICF home saves approximately 8.5 trees and effectively preserve nature’s air filters.  Ask yourself the question, “How much oxygen does sand and gravel produce?”

·         If we can reduce our energy bills by as high as 40%, we can reduce CO2 emissions by the same amount.  The world’s international Kyoto agreement insists on a reduction of emissions by 50% just to slow down the effects of global warming.  ICFs are a part of the answer to CO2 reductions 

Vertical Wind turbines

These wind turbines will harness the wind to power homes and to generate elecricity. It will cut down on fossil fuel emissions and will generate clean energy. These are placed in the center of town, in places unblocked by biuldings, to generate power for the central part of the city that onsists of the City Hall and other office buildings.

Geothermal Energy

- -

This uses the earth's core to heat up the water and the water is used to run systems in homes and building, to use in showers, dishwashers, and washers and dryers. The goethermal energy will also cut down on the CO2 emissions left by burning fossil fuels by not actually having to use them. 

Biomass - 

It uses wood, crops, garbage, landfill gas, and alcohol fuels to collect carbon then to create alternative fuels and then there is a cycle that starts over again. This will help Fairbanks by having a certain percent of the waste left both by the disasters and by normal means disposed of in a way that is not harmful to the enviornment.